I wrote a letter to my 35-year-old self when I was 30

I enjoyed the last time I did it to reflect on life and changes that I did it again. Once again, I forgot about the letter for almost two years, but now I’ll reflect on it since I rediscovered it while digging through the safe while searching for some identification cards. I’ll redact some information to protect identities.

  1. Do you have two kids? Their names?
    Yes, Owen and Evan
  2. How are you and [now wife] doing?
    Married with two kids. We have good days and bad days, but I think that’s par course of any marriage. She’s a great partner, though, and helps me think about perspectives and what I say. My brain has always had a bad filter and frequently the words I say are not what I mean.
  3. Remember the wedding?
    I remember my wife walking up the aisle, before the wedding where my friends and father were chatting about unrelated stuff, the audio constantly going out during the dance, the dinners getting all mixed up (they made too many plates of salmon), and my wife playing on the piano.
  4. Did your mom and [step-dad] move out of [home town]?
    No. It doesn’t seem like they have any desire to do so.
  5. Are they in Colorado?
  6. How are your Dad and [his girlfriend] doing?
    They got married a year before us.
  7. How is [step-sister]? Is she married or engaged?
    Married (as of me being 35yo) and separated (now).
  8. How is [step-brother] doing? Is he still a he?
    I found this a weird question and offensive thing to ask. At the time he was still going through hormone therapy to transition from female to male. I wonder if I thought he wouldn’t go through with it?
  9. Is [oldest step-niece] in college? What is she studying?
    She’s a senior (as of writing) and she’s studying marketing.
  10. And [next step-niece]? Same.
    Yes, she’s a sophomore and I can’t recall her degree.
  11. Is Frontier Airlines still in business?
    Surprisingly, yes, and they’re still awful.
  12. Does Southwest [Airlines] still have no baggage fees? Are they alone?
    Yes and yes.
  13. Has China landed men safely on the moon?
    That mission is planned for 2024, but they’ve been landing robots on the moon in preparation.
  14. Are all electronics “smart” with voice [recognition] now?
    Pretty much 🙁
  15. The latest thing is 4K TV’s. What’s big now?
    Still the same, oddly enough, but they have stupid terminology like “Quantum Display Technology”. 8K is starting to sell.
  16. Do we have public healthcare yet?
    LOL No. We went backwards.
  17. Apple is an electronic behemoth with iPhone 6 out recently. Are they still at the top or have they lost footing?
    Apple just crossed over 50% of all smart phone usage (as of writing). They’re still a behemoth with the iPhone 13 [as of 35yo] just releasing.
  18. Does Google have internet in your area?
    I received an email they’re expanding in my area, but who knows when that will happen?
  19. Is there a cure for breast cancer?
    No, but treatments are getting better and there are promising trials with stem-cell therapies.
  20. Do [friend] & [friend’s wife] have any kids?
    Yes, one. They also moved out of state.
  21. Any NASA trips planned to Titan or Enceladus?
    There’s been discussion, but no approved budget.
  22. Is Ahmau [our cat] still fat?
    Well, he was for a while, but then he got really sick and eventually passed away 🙁
  23. Yuki [our dog] should be an old fart. How is he?
    His energy levels slowed down, but we have since gotten rid of him because he bit Evan twice pretty severely. Evan has a permanent scar.
  24. Still live at [address]?
    No, we bought a new house right before Owen was born.
  25. Have you paid off the townhome yet?
    No, we’ve been putting more money towards the new house since the interest rate is much higher.
  26. Still enjoying brewing beer?
    Yes, but I haven’t done it between kids and everything else in life.
  27. How did your game Dev Studio Tycoon sell?
    Like, not at all. The beta testers found it too easy once they figured it out, and that was based off a design flaw that required redoing pretty much all the mechanics of the game. Plus, it was in an older language that wasn’t supported and better games came out in the same subgenre (i.e. Mad Games Tycoon) I couldn’t compete against.
  28. Ever finish that RPG?
    Same as above. Technology changed quicker than I could build it.
  29. Release another album yet?
    No. Between work and kids, I was just completely exhausted to bother writing. I have a lot of ideas I need to record. I’ve also been learning new recording software, so that takes some time out of writing.
  30. Did Windows release another version after 10 when they said they wouldn’t?
    LOL Yes (Microsoft announced 11 when I was 35yo and has since released it).
  31. Still enjoy JRPG and strategy games? Got time to play them?
    Yes, pretty much all I play now. Though, I rarely play computer games anymore so everything is on the Playstation or Switch.
  32. Is FF7-remake released? How was it?
    Yes. It was okay. They added more context to the city and you got to know some of the characters better that were very brief in the original. They also introduced some new story elements I wasn’t a fan of.