I wrote a letter to my 30-year-old self when I was 25

I don’t remember what sparked the idea, but I thought it would be interesting to write a letter to my future self in five years when I was 25 years old. It’s interesting to think about what my priorities were then, and how it’s shifted to now. I’m halfway on to my next mark five year mark, but I thought I’d share the questions with answers (as of 2015). The original copy is at the bottom.

  1. You married yet? Wife’s name? Is she hott?
    No, but in a serious relationship with Candice. I think she’s gorgeous 🙂
    Key note: I proposed to her a few days after.
  2. Got kids? How many? Names? Got a Krystof (similar)?
    Not yet.
  3. Are you still with TIAA-CREF?
    No, I left a few year prior to pursue technology in the healthcare industry, what I felt would be the next big thing.
  4. Are you a manager or at least an analyst?
    More of an analytical role with some managerial stuff.
  5. If not, do you own your own company?
  6. Do you have a Bachelor’s degree?
    Yes. Graduated with Bachelor’s of Science in Management last year.
  7. Still friends with Chris, Scott, Nick, Kristie, Marybeth, Mark?
  8. Have you been in a band that’s toured yet?
    Yeah, but no longer in a band.
  9. Have you been to at least 5 different countries?
  10. What country is your favorite?
  11. Do you get paid at least $50k?
  12. Do mouse/keyboards still exist?
    Yeah. I don’t see them going away even though touch screens are more widely used now.
  13. Do you have a 3D TV without glasses?
    Nope. Though, just about every TV comes with 3D nowadays and most people don’t use it because they have to wear glasses.
  14. Own a robot yet?
    No. I’d say another 10-15 years before they’re common.
  15. Is Google still around? Yahoo? Quest? Comcast?
    Google –  Yes. Yahoo – kind of, they merged with AOL oddly enough. Quest is now CenturyLink. Comcast is sadly around and as crappy as ever.
  16. Do you still like SimCity and other sim games?
  17. Is there a sequel to SimCity 4?
    Yeah, SimCity 2013, and it was very bad. The game is fun, but the maps kill the interest level quickly. Cities: Skylines came out this year and is a spiritual successor made by company that made that game you were addicted to, Cities in Motion. Though, it still doesn’t have the same simulation feel SimCity did.
  18. Is there still a Final Fantasy franchise? 16? 17? 18?
    I don’t know. Final Fantasy 14 came out and it’s an MMORPG. Final Fantasy 15 was announced, but who knows if that will release since it was called Verses-13 at one point.
  19. Still like strategy games? Rise of Nations? Settlers 8?
    Of course! Not many releases these days outside of StarCraft II. Though, there is this new thing called Kickstarter where people can crowdsource the games they want. There’s a few strategy games, but I think their scope is too big and didn’t invest.
  20. Got any tattoos yet? How many?
  21. Is pot legal?
    Yes, but it’s a strange question to ask since you never did it.
  22. Have you bought a house and sold/rented your townhouse?
    Yes! Candice and I bought a house last summer and I’m renting out the townhouse through a management company.
  23. How’s your mom and dad? Grandpa and grandma still alive?
    They’re both doing well. My Dad has been seeing this nice lady lately named Mary. Grandparents are still alive, but my grandmother has Alzheimers.
  24. Have people been to Mars? Colonized the moon?
    Nope. I don’t expect this to happen until 2030.
  25. How are you?
    Doing well!

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