Deregulation Keeps Biting Us

Silicon Valley Bank recently collapsed as did Signature Bank. The problem is that these were completely unavoidable and were avoidable until deregulations stepped in and allowed these events to happen. As usual, I will reference the actual sources to avoid any biased opinions.

Questions and Answers with ChatGPT

For those that don’t know what ChatGPT is, it’s a new service from OpenAI that basically allows you to ask a question to an Artificial Intelligence that scours millions of articles to return information. According to their FAQ, “ChatGPT is fine-tuned from GPT-3.5, a language model trained to produce text. ChatGPT was optimized for dialogue …

I wrote a letter to my 35-year-old self when I was 30

I enjoyed the last time I did it to reflect on life and changes that I did it again. Once again, I forgot about the letter for almost two years, but now I’ll reflect on it since I rediscovered it while digging through the safe while searching for some identification cards. I’ll redact some information …

The Apple ecosystem vs Windows

It’s strange to use the word “ecosystem” to define a set of different devices using the same operating system. Yet, this is exactly what Apple has accomplished with its MacOs, iOS, and Apple Watch. Windows is only used on personal computers – lovingly called PC – and that’s… it?

Are the younger generations financially worse off than older generations?

In a previous blog post, I wrote about how data can tell any story you want it to but understanding the correct data can tell the truth. I often hear things about inflation, how difficult it is to live now versus our parents, the baby boomer generation, and how rising costs and lower wages are …

Nier Fundamentally Changed Me

In a previous article related to music in video games, I brought up Keichi Okabe and the video game director Yoko Taro. I think it’s time to dedicate something to them specifically because Yoko Taro changed my perspective of the world. Obviously, this contains strong spoilers.