New layout and a new section

First thing you’ll probably notice is a new layout for the site. The other one was just overwhelming so I wanted to make it simple. The next thing you’ll notice is the “Interesting Articles.” I spend a lot of time reading random articles around the web and I’m afraid that someday they may disappear over time so I decided to create a new section. Besides, I’d like to share them 🙂

Quick updates:


Work on Tutelary is still going on and I’m working on a video for the kickstarter. I have also been having a friend test the game out and let me know what to change/fix, since the kickstarter will offer the option of the game in alpha stage. I want to make sure the core mechanics of the game work.


I have officially started writing the new album. I have one song done and another in progress with several core ideas in my head for future songs. I am going to take my time writing this album and make sure every song is something I can be proud of. I will feature other songs on the album I have already recorded and finished producing, but never included in an album. I will also re-mix and re-master my first (and only) album and attach them to this album as well. Again, I’m very proud of my first album, but a lot of people didn’t really like the recording (which was intentional). I will make sure their sound is more “modern.” I am approaching this album from a much different style, but it’s still very much black metal. If I could compare it to anything I would say imagine Enslaved and Carpathian Forest having a baby.