A Tutelary Update: Chapter 3 is complete!

I’m pleased to announce that Chapter is 3 is complete and Chapter 4 is currently going strong. Now that most of the towns have been designed, the game development will go much more faster. At this point it’s mostly adding dialogue and events that will consume the rest of my time. After Chapter 3 ends, the open-world environment is going so you can go literally any where you want. You may come across some difficult monsters if you go to new areas!

My proudest achievement outside of the journal system is that townspeople will interact with you based on current events. Regardless of what town you’re in, people will be talking about the latest rumors and events. I also had to update some minor bugs, work on the animation for the bow and arrow, and get the “guard” function in battle working properly. The guard function acts as a defense and blocks 50% of damage. It also replenishes 10% of your hp (ala Legend of Dragoon). Battles are more randomized. No, not more frequent. What I mean is that you will face a random amount of opponents each battle. It could be anywhere between 1 and 8.