How to: Land a Job

I’ve been interviewing for a position at my company for a few weeks now and I can’t help but notice how frequently some (what I would assume) basic concepts of getting a job are completely ignored. I was recently browsing social media when I came across someone complaining about the difficulty of finding a job. […]

Peer-to-peer Lending Evolved

My article relating to Peer-to-Peer Lending is one of my most popular articles with over 6,000 visits. I think that’s a rather huge accomplishment for a personal website with no desire to publically broadcast. One of the items I talk about later in the article is how to reduce risk while increasing rewards. Using backtracked […]

Reading Lines in C#

I came across an interesting scenario today while I was building an application that required me opening a file, reading it line by line, and importing it into a dataset. The reason this was an interesting scenario is because there is data that belongs to a specific identifier on different lines.

SQL Basic Maintenance Script

I came across a database that has suffered a lot of deadlocks recently. This, along with slow query execution among other problems led me to convince management that the database required downtime. Some of the maintenance I performed was re-building tempdb tables and moving them off the C Drive, which I highly recommend for various […]

Cutting Television

I’ve had a television service ever since I was a little kid. I remember when I had an antenna on top of my box that we called “bunny ears.” Yes, the television was a large box with ears. We had to adjust the antenna once in a while to get clear reception, or the channels […]


Note: Recommendations are at the bottom if you want to skip this article. I came across an easily one-sided article that states in the opening statement, “The use of ad-blocking software is exploding and is projected to cost websites nearly $22 billion in lost advertising revenue worldwide this year, according to a new study.” Without going into semantics […]

My SSD is near capacity. What can I do?

I see this question a lot and it actually bothered me that my 120 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) was near full capacity despite the fact I install almost everything on a secondary drive. I try to keep only my Windows installation on the SSD for incredibly fast boot times. If you’re unfamiliar with the […]

Password Manager LastPass Security Breach

 “LastPass, a company that offers users a way to centrally manage all of their passwords online with a single master password, disclosed Monday that intruders had broken into its databases and made off with user email addresses and password reminders, among other data.” But, you probably shouldn’t worry too much. LastPass utilizes AES 256-bit encryption on your […]

Let’s Talk About Peer-To-Peer Lending

A synopsis: Peer-to-Peer lending is when individuals loan money to other individuals who need loans. An Analogy: Remember when Napster first existed? The idea was that you had a song on your computer that was typically in a format known as mp3. You most likely listen to mp3s to this day through programs like iTunes, […]

An RSVP PHP Script

I’ve been terrible about posting on here and I just noticed after all this time that my blog doesn’t contain any web-based scripts. I am getting married this fall, so I built a website with a RSVP PHP form for our guests. I’d rather have all our guests in a centralized location than a group […]