Discovering Stocks p2

In my first post on stock investing and using learned lessons of missed opportunities and so many mistakes, I thought it would be important to perform a retrospect. However, it’s worth noting I didn’t follow my own advice and got caught up in the same gambling stage that most investors do. You get the win and you think you can keep winning instead of listening to the statistics.

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I Upgraded my Walmart Price Scrapper to Multiple Stores

My original post was focused primarily on monitoring Walmart prices. I’ve since expanded it to support four different stores including Target, Bestbuy, and GameStop. Originally, I only updated it to include Target and Bestbuy, and the article I wrote completely disappeared when I upgraded WordPress. As I added GameStop, I decided I had to change how the table structure worked if I was going to add more sites for some sadistic reason.

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Legal Things That Shouldn’t Be

America is the best country in the world, right? Though, I don’t know how you could prove it when the US is not #1 in many categories except Gross Domestic Product and most incarcerations per capita. Wait, never mind, China took over GDP in 2018. Well, America has the highest cost of healthcare in the world, more billionaires than nearly all other countries combined, highest military spending ($732 billion) than nearly every country combined, tornadoes, and corn production. In any case, it is a great country to live in. Many Americans have escaped third world countries and terrible lives to seek an opportunity. We often take simple things for granted like clean tap water, safety, electricity, internet, cell phones, and even shelter. Well, these are usually true. Unfortunately, we’re not perfect. Below is a list of unethical, but legal, things in America.

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Best Metal Albums Ever

It should be no surprise to anyone who personally knows me that I’m a huge metal fan. For those, who didn’t know that – surprise! I’ve thought a lot over the years about which albums are the best. Every time I listen to something new, I try to gain a new perspective on music and how it’s evolved over the years. Anytime I find myself listening to an album over a period of months, it earns the respect of becoming a great album. When months turns to years, it becomes one of the best albums. Obviously, this entire post is purely opinion, so I won’t provide any rankings. Oh, and it should also be obvious that this post will contain vulgar language.

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