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AI Art

AI Artwork

Flux Robot

Automated Investing for Lending Club

Grand Harbor

A site for the community of Grand Harbor, TX

One Innovations

A technology consulting company for healthcare

Word Document Bookmark Scanner

Scan bookmarks within word documents.

Deep File Scanner

Help you find a string of text amongst a group of documents.

Dev Studio Tycoon

Simulation game development studio.


Hockey team simulation where you run your own team.


SysCracker is a password stealing (hacking/phishing) simulation (or a hacker-style game).

Tutelary: The Adventures of Freyr

A take on an old-school RPG adventure.

SuperSimpleNews 2.0

A PHP-based news script which doesn't require a database as all news articles are stored in simple CSV files.

Lord Krehn - e(volve)

Debut solo album

Lord Krehn - Parallels

Debut EP album

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Blog Posts

Are Earlier Albums the Best for Artists? Why?

I couldn’t help but notice while I was writing my article on my favorite songs, that many of those albums were the band’s second album. Why is that? Is there data supporting my anecdote? What’s a potential cause?


I wrote a letter to my 35-year-old self when I was 30

I enjoyed the last time I did it to reflect on life and changes that I did it again. Once again, I forgot about the letter for almost two years, but now I’ll reflect on it since I rediscovered it while digging through the safe while searching for some identification cards. I’ll redact some information to protect identities.


I built my own captcha

Captcha, for the uninitiated with the term, is displayed on many forms when you register for a website, and it can have impossible-to-read text. It’s fairly easy to install and common across the web. Because I’m me, I don’t want to use it. Maybe it’s “sticking it against the man” or maybe it’s naivety, or a mixture of both, I decided to build my own.


The Apple ecosystem vs Windows

It’s strange to use the word “ecosystem” to define a set of different devices using the same operating system. Yet, this is exactly what Apple has accomplished with its MacOs, iOS, and Apple Watch. Windows is only used on personal computers – lovingly called PC – and that’s… it?


Are the younger generations financially worse off than older generations?

In a previous blog post, I wrote about how data can tell any story you want it to but understanding the correct data can tell the truth. I often hear things about inflation, how difficult it is to live now versus our parents, the baby boomer generation, and how rising costs and lower wages are impacting everyone. Is it true?


Best Songs Ever

I already covered the metal albums in a previous post, so I thought I’d cover what I deem are the best songs. Unlike the best metal albums ever, this list will cover many genres. Like the best metal albums list, this will not be in any particular order and many bands from that list will not appear here. If you want to skip all the writing and just listen, then I made a playlist on Youtube. Feel free to shuffle it. I’ll also keep working on this over time, so check back once in a while.
[Update] The playlist got so long that I separated metal and non-metal. This article will be non-metal, but the playlist is available here.


Nier Fundamentally Changed Me

In a previous article related to music in video games, I brought up Keichi Okabe and the video game director Yoko Taro. I think it’s time to dedicate something to them specifically because Yoko Taro changed my perspective of the world. Obviously, this contains strong spoilers.


NFL GamePass is the worst streaming service

I’m no UI designer by any means. Probably the exact opposite, actually. Despite this, I do recognize ease-of-use with my background in product management and analysis. There are many streaming video services around, and they’re all quite decent, but none of them are as bad as NFL Gamepass. Gamepass is, by far, the biggest pile of shit ever and it’s $99 for a year.


An Exploration of AI Art Generation

I recently discussed AI Art generation and my discovery of it a while back. Since then, I’ve become involved in the AI Art community and learning about the different models that exist out there in addition to the different methods. I’ll primarily focus on four: DALL-e, StyleGAN3, VQGAN, and Wander (previously BigGAN). All of these models use CLIP diffusion. I will also apologize if this goes beyond the reader’s head.


Browser Extensions

The best thing to happen to the internet in the past 20 years is web-browser extensions (or add-ons). These are a few of my favorites and they exist for both Firefox or Chrome (Safari, Vivaldi, Brave, Edge, etc. all use Chrome).


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