About Raymond Krehn


My hobbies are varied depending on the season. At home I generally find myself playing video games, primarily JRPGs and strategy games, writing music, and writing books. In the summers I like hiking, riding OneWheel, and spending time with the kids outside. In winters I enjoy skiing and sledding.


My primary go-to genre is metal, and specifically black metal, death metal, and progressive metal. However, I also enjoy progressive rock and jazz. I'm a huge fan of Enslaved, but also find myself listening to Carpathian Forest, Dimmu Borgir, Opeth, VOLA, Porcupine Tree, Beneath the Massacre, and more.


I have been married to Candice since September 17, 2016 and we have two boys named Owen and Evan. The boys are 18 months apart and complete opposites. Owen, the older boy, is very wild and loud. He's found interests in drawing abstract art, chess, ice hockey, American football, and soccer. Evan is quiet and easy-going. Evan has found interests in legos, building blocks, cars, and ice hockey. We enjoy spending times at parks, hiking, paddleboarding, skiing, traveling, and swimming.


I'm constantly working on or learning something outside of my hobbies. This includes writing novels, reading on machine learning, and building software/websites.