An RSVP PHP Script

I’ve been terrible about posting on here and I just noticed after all this time that my blog doesn’t contain any web-based scripts. I am getting married this fall, so I built a website with a RSVP PHP form for our guests. I’d rather have all our guests in a centralized location than a group of acceptance letters stored somewhere, where I may or may not have an accurate count when the wedding date gets closer.

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The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Explained

Before I begin, I will state that the following article is a completely unbiased and is a shortened version of the actual act itself. What people call “Obamacare” is actually the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (abbreviated to PPACA or ACA). However, people started calling it “Obamacare” before all the rules were even applied. It’s a term that was, at first, mostly used by people who didn’t like the PPACA, and it’s become popularized in part because PPACA is a really long and awkward name, even when you turn it into an acronym like that. Barack Obama has since said that he actuallylikes the term “Obamacare” because, he says, “I do care”.

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Re-imagining Employee of the Month

It’s common amongst management to recognize employees for their high work ethics. One of these methods is the all-to-familiar “Employee of the Month.” You can see these displayed in some stores or offices along a wall with a picture of the the employee’s face and usually a quote dictating why they’re there. However, there can be more negative side effects than positive side effects of the reward.

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Open-plan offices are a false economy

It wouldn’t be too wild an assumption that very few of us enjoy working in an open-plan office. For all the propaganda that they improve communication, boost team spirit and increase efficiency, the fact is that as far as most of their inmates are concerned, open-plan offices are noisy, distracting and stressful –just the wrong sort of environment, in fact, in which to work effectively.

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Heartbleed security breach and what you should do

Unlike other exposed security breaches the heartbreak won’t affect many people. There was a hole in SSL signatures that basically allowed hackers to take a peak at data being transmitted. Essentially, SSL is like using keys to get in a door to your home. Heartbreak is like when a robber uses the old credit card trick to open the door and get in. The SSL signature displays as a little lock when you login some sites in the browser bar. This let’s you know the site is secure (and the robber can’t use credit cards).

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Where is album?

There are a lot of factors into why I haven’t released the album yet. Some of it is due to procrastination and some of it is a legitimate reason. Here’s a list:

  1. I’ve really struggled writing lyrics. Writer’s block exists for musicians too! Some was too redundant and some I couldn’t think of a theme.
  2. Some songs I wasn’t 100% satisfied with, so I modified/added parts
  3. I re-did drums for a few tracks that needed better transitions between riffs
  4. I’ve been busy with school
  5. My album artist has had difficulty completing the artwork.

I can’t promise when the album will be released, but it’s much closer today than it was last week! I’m hoping by the end of this month.

Latest on the album

I can say that the following are officially complete with the album: Drums, Guitars, and Keyboards. Right now I am focusing on final touches, writing vocals, and recording the vocals. From the last update I deleted 2 songs, rewrote one entirely, and wrote 2 new songs. I’m pretty happy with the way this record is turning out so far. I’m making minor adjustments here and there because I want this album to come out really strong. That’s it for now.

New album

I’ve been spending the last few months really focusing on my new album. With this, I can officially claim that I am done writing the album. The drums are done recording and I will spend the next month or two recording the guitars, vocals, and finishing up the keyboards as some of those are finished. I will also be producing a lyrics video for Phonoi and a video mix of Baphomet, two songs from the upcoming album.

I have decided to name the new album “e(volve)”. It has two meanings: one being the evolution and creation of mankind. The other meaning, e volve, Galician for returning, or going back. The album tells a story of the creation of the universe and mankind, who ultimately destroy themselves and the world with them. A very talented artist will be doing my artwork 🙂

Tutelary Setbacks

While working on Tutelary I had squashed some bugs, added some mini-games so you’re rewarded for exploring, and started work on the three towers (act 4 of 5). Unfortunately, for some unknown reason the towers were completely lost! Thankfully, all the smashed bugs and mini-games remained. I have no idea how any of this happened since I keep the project in my Dropbox folder.

Despite this setback the project is going very well. I plan to open up the Kickstarter here very soon. I want to make sure that the core of the game is working for those people who plan to pay for the tier where you can get the game in it’s current state (very alpha build). All the documentation and banking information is setup and ready so I just need to work on the video at this point after the core mechanics function properly.