A Tutelary Update

I’ve been on vacation lately and worked on Tutelary: The Adventures of Freyr a little more. I’ve made A LOT of progress. A large setback for me was getting the floating city of Meiji working properly. I also added a new skill for Freyr. I’m debating on getting a Kickstarter going. I would like someone to […]

See the blog on the left side?

No? Okay, it’s missing for a reason. A couple of weeks ago I received an error that my maximum bandwidth had been getting close. I was confused as I have 200GB of bandwidth and on a good month about 10MB is used since I don’t get a lot of traffic. It turns out that the […]

A Tutelary Update: Chapter 3 is complete!

I’m pleased to announce that Chapter is 3 is complete and Chapter 4 is currently going strong. Now that most of the towns have been designed, the game development will go much more faster. At this point it’s mostly adding dialogue and events that will consume the rest of my time. After Chapter 3 ends, […]

Frustrations and progress

Moving to a new host has proven to be a bigger headache than I had hoped for. I’m having issues restoring my previous blog. All the information is there, but getting it to connect is proving to be difficult. I will also be re-doing the portfolio section. On another note, my album is coming along […]