My board game: Paths to Aegis

I spent the past couple of years designing a board game with a few friends and I finally finished it and put it up on Kickstarter so it’s cheaper to mass-produce. It’s a rogue-lite game where deck-building or leveling up is a constant balance.

Paths to Aegis is an automa rogue-lite deck-building board game. The game allows for 1-4 player cooperation as each player takes their own character with a unique set of abilities and strengths as they discover new tiles on their way to defeat Cerberus by gaining more powerful cards and leveling up.

Each turn the player rolls the die to move across the board or rolls the die if they’re in battle. Rolling a 1 or a 2 places them in battle. Once a player is in battle, life clips keep track of health for both the player and each enemy they fight in battle.

While in battle, a player will use as many action cards as levels they are and use those actions to either damage the enemy or heal their health. On the enemy’s turn to attack, the player must roll the die. Each enemy has a standard attack and most have a special attack. If the die roll matches the enemy’s special attack, then it usually damages the player more than a standard attack. Once the enemy has been defeated, players earn coins which they can use to either purchase more action cards at the market or level up.

As it is a rogue-lite game, you can expect to die. But don’t worry! Upon death, you only lose half your coins and you keep any cards you purchased.

You can see a video of the gameplay below:

Game tutorial and gameplay

And if you’re interested on the design of the game

Game design

If you’re interested in helping launch the game, feel free to sign up at the Kickstarter: