e(volve) release date announced!

Expect e(volve) to arrive October 13, 2014! It will be available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Music, Spotify, XBox Music, Sony Music, and much more! It will be available to listen to on bandcamp.com and only $5 for purchase.

Shortly after I wrote my EP debut, Parallels, I was fairly confident that it would be my first and last solo album. My intention with that album was to provide a dark atmospheric black metal album and I still feel confident to this day that I achieved just that. I would expect many people don’t appreciate it, whether it be the “poor production” (which was intentional for atmosphere), the type of music, or just the songs themselves. Although, I heard quite a bit of positive feedback.

In the late summer of 2012 I found myself writing once again, but I was trying to expand on the sound I created in the EP. I discovered this during the writing process and attempted to build a bridge between where I felt like I was musically at the time and my EP. It was near completion with all the guitars, drums, and keyboards recorded by October, 2012. Upon listening to it again, I discovered it was a poorly written album. There were too many conceptual ideas pulling against the attempt to bring back my former sound. As a result, I trashed everything and put the project on hiatus.

Throughout 2013 I began to appreciate the more progressive bands like Enslaved, Opeth, Dark Fortress, Tesseract, and others that incorporated various sounds in their music. Even though I had liked them for years, I began to truly understand their direction of music: isolation hinders creativity. That September I embarked on creating an album without any barriers in mind. It was at this time that I established the album name to be “e(volve)”. It perfectly described my direction and the lyrical themes of my music. All of the songs were completed by November, but I wanted to be 100% happy with it before I released it. Throughout the next several months I listened to the album repeatedly and removed some songs, added more depth to other songs, removed sections, added sections, and even wrote new songs. By the summer 2014 I was finally happy with the album to where I wanted to release it, but I had not recorded any vocals. I spent 2 weekends recording all the vocals in late July. I also found myself adding a few more pieces to the album before I could finally call it complete.