A Tutelary Update

I’ve been on vacation lately and worked on Tutelary: The Adventures of Freyr a little more. I’ve made A LOT of progress. A large setback for me was getting the floating city of Meiji working properly. I also added a new skill for Freyr. I’m debating on getting a Kickstarter going. I would like someone to come in and write all the music and have another person remake all the graphics. I’ll think about it the next couple of weeks. If I do get something going then I’d set a goal at $1,000. $800 for the graphics and music, and another $200 on some other licenses that I really need. If it goes any higher than that then I’d set stretch goals, but I have no idea what since I doubt this will even make it to $1,000.

Regarding music: I haven’t really written anything lately. I was working on two albums of different styles and put a hold on both. I can’t seem to complete any songs and the songs I complete I’m not satisfied with. Perfectionism at its best.