See the blog on the left side?

No? Okay, it’s missing for a reason. A couple of weeks ago I received an error that my maximum bandwidth had been getting close. I was confused as I have 200GB of bandwidth and on a good month about 10MB is used since I don’t get a lot of traffic. It turns out that the comments on the site had bots come in and place tags that would attract other bots. It gradually increased over time to the point where I was receiving 1,000,000 hits (yes, one million) per week. This brought the site down really fast. I was previously utilizing Nucleus CMS and a subdomain for the blog, but after that debacle I have decided to push it on to this site. At this point it’s a matter of figuring out what I want to keep and what I don’t want to keep.

Now for some updates! The next album is still in progress. I honestly haven’t worked on it lately as everything I have written in my head is for a different style of music. At this point I’ll probably write two albums simultaneously and release one when I feel like it’s done. For my Tutelary game I’ve been slowly making progress on it. My laptop that hosts the files has been overheating lately and I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and really put something out. Don’t worry, it’s all backed up on Dropbox! I can only do so much before the laptop burns my lap and I’m looking into new laptops now.

Most importantly, I’m continuing my education (again) and won’t have a lot of time to concentrate on either the album(s) or the game, so please be patient. Don’t forget I have a full-time job. Mind you I’m not making any money or expecting any money for either of these and they’re more of hobbies than anything else.