I found myself waking in what appeared to be a space station. It would make logical sense, to say the least. Plenty of white technological pieces surrounded me as I sat up from my rather tiny bed. The bed was comfortable despite its size. I couldn’t help but think it reminded me of those TempurPedic commercials. After all, they were NASA technology. Getting out of the cramped space where I lay was not the most feasible feat I’ve done, but I got out of it slowly and headed down the corridor grabbing on to the sides to pull myself as gravity was limited. As I got closer to the cockpit, I took a peak outside the windows. There sat Europa, one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

We enclosed upon the georgeous moon like we were landing on our own moon orbiting Earth. Earth was no where in sight though. A soft landing later and we were touching the surface. There was myself and another man, mid-30s with dark short hair and an average build. He was the commander of the flight and my job was to gather samples from the surface of Europa. We put on our suits and headed towards the bottom of the ship. He was the first one down the ladder, being the first man to step on this distant planet. It wasn’t soft, like our own moon, it was hard as ice. The surface was glossy and a whitish-blue color. It’s never been touched before and there’s no tracks to prove it. The commander carried the American flag across the surface as he glided like he was ice skating. I followed pursuit. We didn’t know exactly how we’d walk on the surface, or whether it could even support us. When we moved, it was more like jump-ice-skating than anything else. I found it easiest to do an ice-skating motion. Not more than 20 feet further and we both slammed the flagpole into the ground as if claiming the moon belongs to us,America.

We gazed upon the distance and we see the sun far away. Almost like the brightest star in the night sky on Earth, just a little bigger. It was the first thing I wanted to look for, but of course there was one thing that stood out the most in my vision. The largest planet in our solar system stared right at me not too much further from the right of the sun; Jupiter. They eye of Jupiter was the most captivating sight I’ve ever seen. I was in heaven; a cold, frozen and distant world staring at the eye of Jupiter. I fell on to my knees at the sight of such beauty. For once, I felt like I was somewhere where I belong. It was a frozen landscape before me, with red-colored canals and Jupiter invading most of the sky with a distant bright star to the left of it. Unfortunately, we were not in the situation to live here yet. Someday though, we will…