Castle Rock Fields

Another beautiful day in the valley, and I was sitting out in the back porch of my house. Skies were blue as far as the horizon, with a few occasional clouds. Not much of a backyard beyond the porch. All the houses in the neighborhood were almost exactly the same. They were very dull, but a cost efficient way to build homes I suppose. An awning provided shade over me so my pale-white skin wouldn’t burn. I was staring at the awning and noticed a few sparse holes. Then my girlfriend opened the glass sliding-door behind me and asked “What’re you lookin’ at?”

She sat down in a zero-gravity chair like mine next to me and took a sip of her glass. “Looks like I got to patch more holes in this damn awning again”, I replied calmly. She looked at me and smiled. I loved her beautiful Asian-face. Her tanned-skin drove me erotically crazy. It was the perfect color and the perfect texture. She reached out to me and I held her hand, then we stared off in to the horizon together without words.

Castle Rock

On the verge of falling asleep, alarms starting piercing my ears. Immediately, we both covered our ears with our hands and ran inside. I shut the glass-door behind us and my girlfriend turned on the television. We sat and waited for an announcement, which didn’t take long. “This is not a drill or false alarm! This is an emergency! Please head to the fields! Evacuate your homes immediately and bring only what you can carry!” For a second, I questioned the message’s accuracy. I thought to myself, “It’s a beautiful day, why would we have to evacuate our homes? “ My girlfriend didn’t even question the message. She ran upstairs and not a moment after my thought she yelled “Get your ass up here and pack some shit!” I ran up to our bedroom and threw in whatever clothes I had in my drawers. After grabbing some more items from the bathroom, I ran downstairs and yelled to my girlfriend upstairs if she was ready yet. A few seconds later she came running downstairs and said “Let’s go.”

We didn’t think twice about taking the car or any other mode of transportation. We headed straight down the street. In front of us were more homes and eventually fields. Luckily, there was only 2 blocks before the final street. Past the final street were the fields and the hills. Running and struggling at the same time, I reached the top of the hill. I noticed my girlfriend was having slight issues and I went back down a little ways, grabbed her bags and helped her up the hill. We sat down and looked at our town. The final street was a street that circled the whole town. On the other side, there were fields like ours. After the final street on all sides, there’s a steep elevation in fields. Then the fields flatten out for about 1000 feet before the mountains. The town was pretty much enclosed by mountains, but to our left the final street did connect with a highway that goes up in the mountains to the nearest city.

It didn’t take long before we started seeing more people joining us on the fields. Crowds of people were beginning to cover the fields before we started hearing a loud thunder coming from the passages where the town’s escape route was. The pounding thunder got louder and louder until we saw a bolder-like castle rock rolling down. It finally landed near the center of town and a huge storm of dust flew up in the sky. Everyone ducked down and threw their faces in to the ground. A few minutes passed by before anyone could even see their own feet in front of them. Eventually, everyone started standing up and trying to see what happened. Since it was so dusty and dark, everyone made sure each other were okay first. Then we saw the aftermath.

A castle rock from one of the mountains must’ve broken off by some miracle. It rolled down the mountain and landed right near the center of the town. It was so massive though, that nearly the whole town was covered except a few of the outer homes. My home was gone. After a few moments of speculation and disarray, people started to look for friends and families. I had no family that lived near here, but my girlfriend did. When I thought about whether she was okay or not, I looked to my side where she last was and disappeared. In the far distance I saw her running up to her mother and father. She jumped in her mother’s arms in joy. Myself on the other hand, well I grabbed my stuff and started walking the other way.

The townspeople didn’t give up even though their town was destroyed. People started gathering wood and branches and started building up little shelters for themselves. Some people even started setting up market-style buildings, similar to those in the Middle Eastern countries. It had been a few weeks before I had seen my girlfriend, but I finally finished my home and started walking around the newly established town. Some of the markets had crops growing and others had some stuff from the homes that remained intact. No currency had been set up, but everyone worked so eventually it was all free trade. Everyone lived assuming another person had what they needed. For example, everyone ate about the same time. There were several cooks that would cook meals for everyone, and everyone would gather around and eat together and socialize. During the day, some people made clothing and others did something else.

I walked along one of the paths and started wandering off road until I noticed a little cave in the mountains with a sign over it. I never made out what the sign said, but I walked right in. The most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life was standing behind the desk. She was selling jewelry, candles and other Wiccan and Medieval items. I was really surprised anyone had a place like this set up, but she was as white as me and somewhat gothic like me. We started chatting about everything that had happened. I admit, I was beginning to fall for her. She asked me if I was seeing anyone, and I replied “Kind of, but I haven’t seen her since that day.” It was that moment that my girlfriend walked in. I couldn’t help but hug her, and pushed her in to a pole while holding her up, kissing her. During this little session of ours, I could feel my penis begging to rip through my pants and head right towards her vagina. I could tell she was turned on by it and I let her down and asked if everything was okay, and she nodded. She grabbed my hand and rushed out of the placed saying “I want to show you our new place!” I told the girl at the desk I’ll be back. We eventually stopped running and started walking to her new place. It was beautiful and pretty large. Not the size of a house of course, but probably the biggest shelter in the fields. We went to her room and she grabbed my butt. I threw her on her little bed. We started making out before I said “Listen, I got to take care of something. Can we continue this later?” She understood and I went back to my home. I lay down and stayed awake all night.

The next day I headed to the little Wiccan store where I met that girl. I asked her to go for a walk with me and she accepted. We had a lot of fun just walking, and running around like little kids again. She had this little twinkle in her golden eye when she looked at me. Her short black hair covered the other eye most of the time. The smile she gave me made me feel special and wanted. Without a reason, I grabbed her and kissed her. It was the first time in my life where everything felt like it was right. We looked in each other’s eyes with wondrous minds and then I saw my girlfriend walking up in the corner of one of my eyes. I don’t think she noticed anything but the next thing I knew, was that the two were standing side-by-side staring at me. I had a feeling my girlfriend knew what was going on, even though she saw nothing. They both had the look on their faces of “So which one is it? Me or her?” On one hand, I had a great long-lasting relationship, and on the other hand, I had someone I was totally crazy about.