Arms of Protection

I started to walk in the living room, as I usually do when I wake up, and headed towards the kitchen. I stopped in the hallway just before the living room starts and my older roommate, about 10 years older than I am, was sitting on the uncomfortable blue-covered, metal barred futon on to the right in his police officer uniform. “You look hott today!” I said jokingly. I received a slight giggle from him and continued in to the kitchen on my left side, which was just on the other side of the wall in the hallway I was currently in.

The interesting thing is, is that I haven’t seen this roommate in nearly 3 years, and we were back at my old apartment inLakewoodwhere he used to live with me. I had just started college and he recently just divorced his wife. He was a far cry from becoming a police officer, he held no degree, never finished high school, and was a manager at McDonald’s with 3 divorces. I remember when we first moved in together he was having a rough time. When his wife left him, with no given explanation, at least to me, he couldn’t afford a home by himself and I couldn’t afford an apartment by myself, so we signed a lease and moved in together along with his son.

After I ate some breakfast I went back in the living room and saw my girlfriend sitting on the couch, next to the futon, and my roommate already left for work. I sat along the side with her and we decided to watch TV. She explained to me how he thought our relationship was illegal and she suspected that he would be coming back to arrest us. She also told me how he found out about the illegal programs I downloaded. I didn’t think much about it at the time, or what was going through my head, but I changed the lock on the main door so he couldn’t come in to arrest us.

Moments later I heard a “Bang! Bang Bang Bang!”, he was pounding on my door begging to get in. “Ray! It’s the police, let us in!” he yelled. I knew it had to by my roommate, because I don’t think any other police officer knows my shorter name. I started looking for things to block the door, but then I noticed that the door was partially opened on the top-left side, and I knew they were going to come in at a moments notice. My girlfriend took my hand and hid us behind the couch. She said “If they come in, they can look around, and when they get passed this couch we’ll run for the door.” It was a great plan at the time and I couldn’t think of any other way to handle the situation.

The door finally busted open and we waited patiently for them to walk past the couch. They started coming, but they were coming towards the end of the couch that was facing the entrance. We abandoned our plan and ran the other way and broke through a window and made a run for it. Of course they notice us in the process and one of the officers claimed “There they are!”. Once we got passed the window we ran for the hills on this winters day, and it was snowing gently with a thick fog. We reached the mountains summit and we took a break to look behind us. The officers were no where in sight, but we decided to continue to move forward going at a walking pace. With her hand in mine we journeyed through the thick woods and heard a large machine moving away from us. As we approached where the sound was coming we noticed that it was a tank heading away from us. It stopped suddenly but we kept walking towards it to see what it was doing. As we got even closer, we noticed that the tank was waiting for a gate to open in a large electric-fenced area. We got closely behind the tank and followed it inside the fenced area, and the gates closed behind us.

Looking around the tank infrequently, still behind it, it appeared as if we were in a military base. The tank took a right turn where it appeared to be heading towards a rather large garage-like building. With my girlfriend’s hand still in mine, we took a left and headed towards the barracks. Near the entrance of the barracks, there were rows of barbed wire that were about a foot off the ground, like one of those military training courses from television that reached as far left as we could see to as far right as we could see. We got on our stomachs and inched towards where the entrance was. When we finally neared the end, two soldiers were casually standing in front of the enterence looking at us generously. They offered us to come inside, and we took the offer and headed inside with them.

A cooked meal approached some tables as they led us towards it. They questioned us on why we were there and how we found them. We told them everything, and they explained to us that it was a secret military base hidden in the thick forrests. After a great meal they began to show us where we would be allowed to sleep. We waited outside what seemed like a room where there were cloudy translucent curtains leading inside. I could tell the curtains themselves were somewhat transparent, but seeing beyond them was difficult to see anything. As we waited, my girlfriend told me that her bra was hurting her, so I told her just to take it off to get comfortable and I would hold on to the bra. She took it off while keeping her shirt on, only exposing her left breast briefly by mistake. We walked in to the room where there was a collection of beds and went to sleep in our separate beds.