The Ride of No Return

There’s a ride that is completely black, and I’ve seen it, I have been on it. Black is the absence of light, the absence of color, or is it all the colors combined? Black also represents dark, lost, empty, gloomy, sinister, mystery, depression, or misplaced. The ride is in the shape of a spider. Many people have arachnophobia. To me, the ride also represents fear, terror, dread, horror, and panic. So the black spider ride was dark fear, lost horror, sinister terror, or empty depression. This is what it represented itself as at least. However, could these emotions have exact opposites? Of course, but did you think that these emotions can also cause the opposite feelings? I think so. If this is all confusing, read on and you will see what I am talking about.

To have an example of what I saw, go here:

It wasn’t the same though. It was different than those ones. It didn’t go upside down, didn’t go at fast speeds, and spun almost like a Ferris wheel, but at an angle. In fact, it went very slow. It was just shaped like a spider ride though. Me, this girl I have never seen before and my friend Whiteley (I think) decide to see this ride which is in the middle of nowhere. It’s almost like a point of no return. A dirt road leads to it, and the ride itself is positioned on top of a cement base. There’s no one there except us. Apparently it’s the scariest ride alive, and that is why we decided to go. I thought it was pretty lame, but when I got near it I felt a strange vibe. This vibe was supernatural and posed a threat to me. I read up the history on the ride, in a little pamphlet I was carrying. I read that the ride changes your life forever. As soon as you sit down in the seat, which is a single-person seat, a shield comes down from the top of the seat and covers your head completely to the point where all you see is dark. The only way to get off the ride is if someone else seats on the ride. So as far as I am concerned, you could be up there for years. The bizarre thing is, is that no one has died on the ride.

You remain, physically, the same when you get off as the moment you sat on to the ride. Emotionally, however, you completely change. This where the introduction begins to make sense. Naturally, as most of you know, or are probably figuring out, I am somewhat dark kind of guy. I love black, I love anything dark, and I despise light and I disrespect happiness. So, like anyone else, I approached this ride as skeptic, assuming these pamphlets were some guys looking to make extra money. When we got to the location though, we soon realized it had nothing to do with some guys making money; there was nowhere and no one to pay. This pamphlet was more like a warning, a forewarning to tell us not to go. So we dared each other to go, and eventually Whiteley gave up, and volunteered. The three of us approached the ride with caution, examining it thoroughly like we were doctors finding cancer on a patient visiting on their normal physical checkup. Finally, Whiteley decides to get on the ride, but he stops. “I can’t do it” he claims, as he backs up. He begins to circle the ride and examine it once more, and he says “I just can’t…” I called him a “Chicken!” and decide to approach the ride with caution. I begin to sit. The shield entombs me and the light fades out of sight. I am unable to escape, and my body becomes paralyzed. I would’ve left and got off the ride if I could, but as soon as my butt touched that cushion, I was completely paralyzed. I felt my feet slide off the ground as I rose in to the air. I can remember talking though. It was strange, I could still feel, talk and think but I just could not move. Nothing happened, I could tell that my friend and the girl were frightened, and they desperately wanted to leave. I kept screaming for his help as I felt their presence trying to escape the area. Eventually, and I saw this, and I have no idea how, but he stepped on one of the seats quick enough to jump off, but slow enough that the ride recalled his action and put me down. They asked me how it was, and I told them I didn’t feel anything. Within a moment’s notice, a quick shot of emotions surged through my body. I felt all the emotions you could ever feel in a lifetime, within a second. It’s like that saying “I saw my life flash before my eyes”, and I did. The emotions were so overwhelming, that I collapsed and threw up. I stood up few moments later, like nothing happened, and walked away.

People change because of emotions they feel at some point in their life. If we have all emotions happen at one point, do you think we can change? Like my balance theory, I think there are equal amounts of good emotions in your life as there are of bad emotions in your life. It’s really your own perspective and takes on each event. Like that saying, “For every action, there is a reaction”. I suppose each reaction is up to you to decide, especially when it comes with dealing with emotions. I never meant this to happen, but I think, as I wrote this article, I found out what the whole meaning of this ride was. It was a ride of no return. You could never return to the person you once were, even if you have the same physical body. You are always changing. It is how you take everything in your life that makes you who you are.