Raymond Krehn

Innovation Expert


SysCracker is a cracking simulation (or a hacker-style game). I started this because I was sick of how unrealistic the hacking simulations were. So I decided to start building my own using actual lists that I built when I used to crack people's passwords back in the days of AOL...

A Single Game allows you to select a team across 6 ranks (or leagues) and compete against another team.

In SysCracker, you take on missions to hack in to companies servers and either steal money, send files, destroy files, etc. depending on what the request asks. Create password lists or find password lists just as a real hacker would do in order to break all the passwords. Perhaps you can even hack the game itself?


To begin, I highly recommend a starter password list called jargon. Of course, you'll need to find other password lists just like real life.

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