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SimHockey is a hockey team simulation where you run your own team and can do a single game for fun or run a full franchise. There are two modes of play: Single Game and Franchise Mode.

A Single Game allows you to select a team across 6 ranks (or leagues) and compete against another team.

Franchise mode puts you in charge of your team for as many seasons as you want, and there is always a challenge. Your newly created team (which you can name and set its location) will start in rank F. There are 6 ranks, F being the worst and A being the best. Each season your players will progress and you will try to take your team to the championship of whatever rank you're in. When you win your rank, you move up a rank. So if you're in rank F and win the championship, then you move up to Rank E.

However, if you are the worst team in your rank, you will be demoted a rank. So, if you're rank A and are last place, you will move to rank B. If you are declared champion in rank A, you are the ultimate champ!

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