Raymond Krehn

Innovation Expert

Flux Robot

Flux Robot is an automated investing system built for the peer-to-peer lending platform, Lending Club. It utilizes Lending Club's API and throughout the day, Lending Club will publish all possible loan notes that are available to invest in. Within minutes of these publications, the software will locate those loans and determine which ones are the best to invest in based on complex algorithms that involved years of research. Then, the software will pull account information and determine how much available cash each user has and invests according to their preferences.

The website was retired on February 23, 2018, but you may see the original site at the link below. You can see my real account information using the credentials below. []

Password: dienr0d

Technologies used:


  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • XML
  • MySQL
  • PayPal API


  • Visual Studio
  • C#
  • JSON
  • Lending Club API

Although the software itself is not pretty, it does act as a service on a virtual Windows Server 2012 using Amazon AWS and is still active today despite the official website being offline as I use it for my own investments.


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