Raymond Krehn

Innovation Expert

Dev Studio Tycoon

Dev Studio Tycoon is simulation game where you focus on running a game development studio, rather than an entire empire. Begin as an indie developer and take charge of your studio keeping it as an independent studio, or making it a AAA studio!


  • Project manage and set timelines through development stages like Pre-production, Prototype, Design, Testing, etc.
  • Generated company names, games, engines, consoles, employees, and more. You'll never play the same game twice!
  • Hundreds of combinations of genres and themes to choose from
  • Use game engines to create games, or develop your own engine!
  • Sell games, engines, and consoles or take a bite at contracts!
  • Sign agreements with publishers or publish your own games
  • On that note, take advantage of Easy Access and Kickstarter in later years!
  • Employees will make attempts to improve the game, but beware, it might hurt development time or the project!
  • Hire/Fire employees like artists, designers, writers, etc.
  • Each employee has various statistics including art skills, technical skills, happiness, and speed skills
  • Employees gain experience over time, but they all have different potential ceilings
  • Increase employee pay, enforce overtime, and more. Be the boss!
  • Employees will get stressed out if they work too much or deadlines are too difficult.
  • Sales tracking - All games, all companies, and all consoles will have sales and earnings tracked
  • Scenario-based events for challenges - the game will get gradually more difficult depending on your circumstances
  • Expos to display games (E3 anyone?)
  • Magazine Reviews - Expect magazines and websites to review your games and rate them. These could help or hurt sales.
  • Market your games through radio, television, and magazine ads.
  • Trends - RPGs may be popular one year, but action games the next. Themes (zombies or football) will also have trends.
  • Each company has a different philosophy as there are six different AI's
  • Expect competing companies to have bankruptcies, mergers, sabotages, and acquisitions!
  • No end game or year, but there are constant challenges.
  • Moddability :)

The Story

I've enjoyed several games over the years like GameBiz 2/3, Game Dev Story, and Game Dev Tycoon. Of course, I've tried probably at least ten others, but only these two really stood out. Despite enjoying them there were a few issues:

  • GameBiz was overly complex and more of a data/numbers simulation than a game (not a bad thing)
  • Game Dev Tycoon was the opposite and heavily focused on a graphic interface, but it had amazing ideas implemented
  • Competition had little to no impact in both
  • Too many random variables involved, which made you (the player) feel like you relied on either luck, or a wiki
  • Employees didn't have as large as an effect on the outcome of a game in Game Dev Tycoon
  • Game development time was not based on project scope, which is a huge factor in development
  • The linearity projection to become a AAA made you feel that it was the only goal
  • And more...

As a result, I created Dev Studio Tycoon.

This game is Open Source.

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