Heartbleed security breach and what you should do

Unlike other exposed security breaches the heartbreak won’t affect many people. There was a hole in SSL signatures that basically allowed hackers to take a peak at data being transmitted. Essentially, SSL is like using keys to get in a door to your home. Heartbreak is like when a robber uses the old credit card trick to open the door and get in. The SSL signature displays as a little lock when you login some sites in the browser bar. This let’s you know the site is secure (and the robber can’t use credit cards).

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So what can you do? 

You can install one of the browser extensions below that will run in the background. If a site that you login is exposed to Heartbleed then the extension will inform you and you should avoid logging into that site until it’s fixed. If you’ve logged in already then I highly recommend changing your passwords.

Hope this helps!